There are a few ‘what kind of player or character class are you?’ quizzes available to players. These are typically part magazine quiz, part guidance and part nonsense. Sure it’s amusing to match your style of play into categories such as a Fighter or an Assassin. However, in doing so a quiz is starting to define your character through the classes available within a game.

For example, if you select b) three times you might be advised to play full-on Fighters. The fact that you also ticked d) twice for wanting to be stealthy generally doesn’t come into it. One or two options offer a little more flexibility, but I've yet to come across a quiz that looks into what players and GMs actually wish to spend their time on in-game.

In other words, such quizzes are usually trying to run a pop quiz for a laugh, while pouring players’ characters into a genre and/ or game specific template. Considering what is actually most likely to appeal to a player calls for a slightly different approach, which involves taking a quick look at what we, as players, wish to put into and get out of RPG gameplay.

The sheet available for download here is Word/ OpenOffice editable, so there's no need to stick to the options as they are. Add your own to build up a fuller list and then compare players’ sheets to identify common ground for campaigns - and areas to avoid or research more.

Broad, campaign-wide challenges are only outlined in very general terms. It is often helpful for players to stick to rough details at the planning stage for a campaign, as this leaves room for the GM to discuss options without play becoming predictable as a result of going into lots of detail.

What Kind Of Player/ GM? - Word/ OpenOffice/ Libreoffice

What Kind of Player/ GM? - Excel/ OpenOffice/ LibreOffice

The quiz/ sheet is part of the RPG Handbook, but this one section is licensed for personal copying and passing round RPG groups. By all means stick a campaign logo on it or alter the fonts to suit. Anyone who might wish to develop it for research or educational purposes please contact me - I'd be interested to see where you might go with it.

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