The Jacobites


The Jacobites


The Jacobites
Online Course: Six booklets, 2-4+ hours/ booklet.

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The Jacobites course looks at the events of the Jacobite period and also the lives of those involved. The topic immediately brings to mind events such as the Glencoe Massacre, the Act of Union and ‘the Forty Five’, but the wider history is less well-known and often much debated.

The course takes a step-by-step approach to navigating the history and using evidence to arrive at your own understanding of the Jacobites as a whole. As a guide my role is to provide evidence, media and discussion - not to draw and pass on my conclusions.

Over six booklets and six media pages the course involves:

- Untangling the Jacobites’ story from start to finish over almost 200 years?
- Evaluating original sources and drawing your own conclusions?
- Tracking and exploring your understanding of major themes and events?

The course includes:

- Six Jacobite Journals presenting a discussion of events, links, images and activities largely based around primary sources.

Guide: David Morrison FHEA.
Full contact details:
Cost: $25 for the full course.

If you’d like to try the course please purchase via this page for an immediate download or use my PayPal - the email is nedjer@gmail - and I'll send the course materials along asap. Both options auto-convert currencies.

(The wine glass: The white rose is an ancient Scottish symbol - long associated with the Stuarts. The rose was a statement of legitimacy used on Jacobite wine glasses, which often displayed coded symbols.

The white rose is thought to have stood for the exiled king, while a rose bud to the right represented his immediate heir, Prince Charles Edward Stuart. A second rosebud, represented Prince Henry Benedict Stuart, Prince Charles’ younger brother. When two rosebuds appear, the one representing Prince Charles is usually larger and appears on the verge of opening).

A basic outline for the course is as follows

Part 1 - James I, Jacobites and The Glorious Revolution

Part 2 - The Union of Scotland and England

Part 3 - War

Part 4 - Exile and Empire

Part 5 - The 45

Part 6 - The Impact of the 45

The PDF files are zipped, if that presents any complications I can just email the files.

There is a linked Facebook page where I can be contacted by message or you can post to the page.