Scottish Media Lab - Scotland 10000 Years - 20+ PNG Icon Pack


Scottish Media Lab - Scotland 10000 Years - 20+ PNG Icon Pack


Also available from Scotland's Common Market.

Teachers/ educators may be interested in the terms for use in education when purchasing from Teachers Pay Teachers.

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20+ transparent high resolution B&W PNG line art files at 300dpi on the theme of Scotland.

20+ matching B&W JPG files.

3145px x 3145px transparent tiles with transparent border.

Proportional tile placement and sizing to suit making sets of badges and tokens.

Choice of 3 colors in PNG - deep red, green, orange.

Files zipped.

Extra sizes:

3145px smoothed

2655px smoothed and closer crop

240px smoothed and closer crop

160px smoothed and closer crop

Thistle Games/ Scottish Media Lab retain the rights to the original art work supplied in the pack. The customer is purchasing this product for personal use and/ or use on one product with less than 1000 sales.

Any product should not simply be a clipart pack.

If you would like to make other uses please contact Thistle Games/ Scottish Media Lab. Copyright David Morrison 2016. email: