Social Media

  1. Choose a social media platform/s you’re comfortable with. E.g. for some Twitter can be more argumentative than other platforms, because of the short posts and media attention.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the platform’s security and privacy options, including reporting and blocking trolls.
  3. Research and check topics on sites which are consistent - so you can at least adjust for bias.
  4. Collect and make memes with key points on them to avoid repeating yourself.
  5. Select memes which have a meaningful message but avoid being offensive.
  6. Avoid being drawn into countering opposing posts by posting a thread on a topic you consider important.
  7. Share posts with reliable information, which offer humour, key facts and meaningful quotes.
  8. Share pictures of activists being active and constructive or entertaining.
  9. You can make feeds less political while raising awareness by including posts and memes about consensus issues, e.g. about saving wildlife or tax evasion.
  10. Share posts and ideas mapping practical suggestions on how people can act peacefully and get results.