Scottish Tabletop gaming

This list started out in the Scotland Tabletop Facebook Group. Thanks to Settlers Hamilton for compiling it in the first place.

Updates can be messaged via Facebook from the usual Thistle Games and Scottish Media Lab Facebook pages. Otherwise, the quickest way to get me is

Tabletop Gaming Clubs and Groups

Aberdeen University Roleplaying Association –

Aberdeen Wargames Club –

AJ Games Club (Fife) –

Ayr Wargames Club –

Dumfries Wargaming Club -

Inverclyde Roleplayers –

Chaos of the Warp Weekly Games Club –

Carfin Gaming Club – or

Carluke Wargames Club – held in Law village –

Coatbridge Library Wargames Club – or email

Dumbarton Wargames Club –

Dunfermline Wargaming and Roleplaying Fellowship (D.W.A.R.F) –

Dunfermline Wargames Club –

Dumfries Wargamers – (dated website but club still going)

Edinburgh Battlegrounds @Edinburgh Games Hub –

Edinburgh League of Gamers – and Yahoo group

Edinburgh University Wargames Society –

East Kilbride Strategy and Gaming Club –

Falkirk District Wargames Society –

G3, Glasgow Games Group –, and

GEAS, Edinburgh University Roleplaying Society –

Glasgow Indie Gamers –

Glasgow and District Wargaming Society –

Glasgow University Gaming Society (GUGS) – or

Glasgow - Unplugged

Gourock Wargames Association –

Granite City Gamers (Aberdeen) -

Hamilton Howlers – and http://z13.invisionfree(DOT)com/HamiltonHowlers/index.php?

Highlander Games, Dundee –

Heroes for Sale (Inverness) –

Honourable Gamers of Stirling (HUSSARS) – Hussars

Intrepidations, Perth –

Inverness Wargames Club – and

Kerd and Cosplay Gaming Shop –

Kirrimuir Wargames Club –

Knights of Trinity (Aberdeen) –

Light Board Games (Aberdeen) -

Moray Adventure Gaming Enthusiasts (MAGE) –

North Ayrshire Roleplaying Society (NARPS) –

North Ayrshire Wargamers –

Paisley Hobbits –

Patriot Games Club (Helensburgh) – or

Prestwick Wargames Club –

Primordial (Board)Games Group –

Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Games Society aka RIGS -

RAF Lossiemouth Wargaming Group (No website)

South East Scotland Wargames Club (SESWC) (Close group with moderated applications)

Stirling Wargamers –, and

Strathclyde University Roleplaying Group (SURGe) –

St Aidan’s Warriors –

St Andrews University Wargaming and Roleplaying Group (WARsoc) –

Trinity Church Club – Elgin

Watt Gamers –

Conventions and Shows

Albanich Wargames Show (Dumfries, January) –

Conpulsion (Edinburgh, March) –

Claymore Wargames Convention (Edinburgh, August) –

Carronade (Falkirk, early May) –

Edinburgh Unplugged Games Day (November) –

Gathering of the Clans (Edinburgh, June) –

Lanark Historical Festival (August) –

Nerdinburgh (October) –

Perth National Scale Model Show (April) –

SKELP (October) –

Games Developers

Alternative Armies -

Box Ninja RPGs -

Drunken Badger Games -

Fragor Games (Euro-style board games) -

Nightfall Games - or

Prince of Darkness Games –

Solipsist RPGs -

Thistle Games -

Live Action Role-Play Groups

The Cuckoo’s Nest Fantasy LARP (Glasgow) –

Embraced Vampire LARP (both in Glasgow and Edinburgh) –

Fools and Heroes Fantasy LARP (Edinburgh) –

Glasgow Vampire LARP (GVLARP) –

Isles of Darkness World of Darkness LARP (Formerly CAMUK) (based in locations all over Britain) –

No Rest For The Wicked (based in Edinburgh but locations around Scotland and North of England) –

Online Group Formation Forums and Websites – Indie games

Scottish Online Group Formation Forums and Websites

40k For Old Men –

Chaos of the Warp 40k Tournaments –

Collective Endeavour –

Edinburgh Board Gamers Guild –

Falkirk RPG –

Open Roleplaying Community (ORC) –

Strathclyde Table-top Roleplayers –

Team Scotland – Scotland’s Official Bloodbowl Team –

Warhammer 40k for Glaswegians –

West Lothian Gaming Network – (Closed group, moderated applications)