• Content development and delivery

  • News and current awareness resource

  • Promoting peaceful, civic activism

Indy collects issues-focused content and shares it to social media groups and pages. The intention is to provide a current awareness service and to present authentic narratives, (from a variety of angles), for self-negotiated discussion on pages and within groups.


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Media Lab

  • Digital content development

  • Historical research

  • Promoting authentic culture

Scottish Media Lab promotes positive action and discussion in support of authentic history and cultural diversity. History, archaeology, arts and cultural events are the mainstay of the page's content.

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  • Counter-extremism

  • Digital counter-narratives

  • Social media activism

The radicalisation of extremists of all types is rooted in personal distress and social isolation. Potential solutions include, and likely call for, systemic approaches to building alternative support networks. The Resist handbook is available as a short, free course via the Resist web page.

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Audience reach and engagement varies according to which issues are receiving the most attention at any one time. However, Indy can access three main audiences corresponding to the three main areas of content development and delivery.



While a lot of posts draw on media from numerous sources, informative or questioning memes/ artwork remain a staple. Click on the image to click through a short gallery of examples.

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