Public Costs, Business Benefits


Despite the huge benefits companies and corporations receive from working alongside public services, some are now saying they don’t want to pay their way at all. That’s right, in an act of obvious self-harming some companies, (which already receive many clear cut benefits from public subsidies through to preferential tax arrangements), propose simply not contributing while continuing to use public services.

Here's a few of the benefits corporations currently profit from and, can likely continue to profit from, where sustainable partnerships between private and public interests are balanced to deliver high skills, high wage economies:

  1. A supply of healthy employees able to deliver on a regular and reliable basis.
  2. A trained and educated workforce provided by schools, colleges and universities at affordable, pooled cost.
  3. Secure contracts, which guarantee payment.
  4. Mountains and mountains of turnover.
  5. Public subsidies for economically relevant fuel industries.
  6. Public contracts that support private sub-contractors.
  7. Publicly funded transport systems delivering materials, goods and employees.