A selection of recent memes designed to provoke thought and encourage constructive engagement. Posts of this type tend to get plenty of views and also result in high levels of further engagement in terms of feedback and comment.

Discussing Human Rights

The original photograph was taken by Reuters photographer Carlos Vera Mancilla outside the General Cemetery in Santiago in the commune of Recoleta, where the protesters had gathered.

Police began making arrests and Mancilla told Chilean news website La Tercera that police apprehended two of the woman's friends when she "reacted and stood before the policeman with a defiant look." He did not ask the girl her name.

Presenting Immigration Figures

Promoting Scottish History

Supporting Water Protection

Using Emoticons

Using Quotes

Promoting Scotland

Finishing off for now with a quick update on the latest one - posted about 24 hours ago and it's gone down quite well.


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