Scottish Media Lab Newsletter

The recent changes to Facebook are making it harder to keep in touch with those visiting Facebook Pages. So much so that even the Like, Follow, See First option isn't getting Page posts into feeds.

Facebook may reshuffle, but I guess that only happens when we see the replacement content they've talked about and that eventually gets compared to how things were before. For now Facebook pages like Scottish Media Lab risk quietly slipping below the horizon, as the posts don't get served-up routinely.

I reckon the obvious thing to do is to open up other often used options and a newsletter delivered by email on a monthly basis seems worth a go. What would that included . . .

  1. A short round-up of the most visited posts and links from each month.
  2. A post on history or myth exclusive to the newsletter.
  3. Recently made images and the odd extract from course booklets.

Clearly along the way readers would be routed back to the Facebook page if they've been missing posts.

If a routine way to get taken back to the Facebook page and an occasional extra dose of history and culture sounds OK, please leave an email in the pop-up or via the Contacts page where email is set as the only required field.

Almost done, but I wouldn't want to leave out a touch of colour, which should open up to a larger size if you click on it. (Dunnottar Castle).

The plan is to send out the newsletter at the start of each month. The Contacts page/ form are linked here.