Scotland - 10,000 Years

Over the last couple of hundred years Scotland has developed a set of frequently used symbols or icons based on a largely Victorian view of Scotland. For the most part these emblems represent Scotland as a land of whisky, golf, bagpipes and haggis . . . once overseen by kings and castles.

Led by the mythical Nessie, the most familiar symbols appear on countless calendars, menus, mugs and tea towels. They serve both as decoration and as emblems mapping attachments to parts of Scottish culture. It seems likely these emblems will remain part of Scotland's iconography for as long as they are part of life in Scotland.


Golden Eagle and Penannular Brooch at 240px

However, the select band of current favourites only covers part of the wide range of options on offer. With a history of human occupation stretching back over 10,000 years Scotland has a wealth of iconic cultures, places, animals and events to draw from. With that in mind here's a look at my first attempt to expand on the most familiar icons as part of making a series of icon sets for my own use.

For myself they're useful to put into games, e-books and blog posts. The icons are available inexpensively for others to use for personal or commercial purposes via the Store page.

I've gone with the pre-cut, slightly smoothed greens to show well on this site's background. The panels below split the icons into four 'ages' and, as storyblocks, show one use the icons can be put to. In a slight variation, there's also a set turned into a map/ poster style at the end.

The period or age shown on the storyblocks invites you to see how many of the icons you can match to particular Scottish places, people, events or activities.


Callanish and an Orca at 240px


Towards Alba

Medieval Scotland