So why would Scots want independence from Westminster?

Broken Promises

It's always jam tomorrow from the WM parties - but the jam never appears. Just recently we've had a GE where promises were made about providing school meals for all kids in England and Wales; about protecting pensions; and about how wonderful trade deals would fall into our laps, because Britain is just great. In the short time since the meals have been ditched; everyone has lost a year of pensions; and WM governance is not by an agreed manifesto delivering what has been agreed with the electorate. Instead we get a plan free muddle constantly tugged in one direction or another by politicians paid by corporate lobbyists.

School dinners manifesto promise cancelled.

Links between health companies and politicians.

Half of private firms involved in NHS privatisation seem to have clear links to Tories.

A study carried out by academics hows a statistically 'significant' relationship between donations to parties and nominations for peerage.

At the time of publication this sets out a list of MPs with links to private healthcare firms.

A fifth of Cameron's Coalition MPs appear to have had links with private firms, which could profit from the Government’s NHS reforms.

Fifteen private companies oversee £1.5 billion, which left the NHS. It appears this can be linked to 23 Tory MPs and Lords - all able to vote for the Health and Social Care Act.

Over 100 members of the House of Lords look to be paid by financial services firms; 26 by resources firms; and unbelievably 20 by foreign governments.

Cooking the Books

Westminster openly and without shame keeps two sets of books. One for the public and another for corporate interests. It's not even something they bother to keep hidden - just routinely deny when the evidence is right there in front of all of us. Compare the skyline in London to any other city in the British Isles and see the glorying of London at massive expense to all four nations within the British Isles.

Infrastructure Spending

Printing Money aka Quantitative Easing

The Oil Burden


Instead of seeing Scottish culture as adding to the diversity of the British Isles and as a major asset for attracting visitors and business to all four nations, WM openly and systematically stamps on Scottish culture. As an imperial structure, WM sees itself as having the rights of a coloniser, as applied to all the other nations which left WM's Empire through the 20th Century. Scotland has been subjected to hundreds of years of this - within relatively recent memory - from the nightmarish Clearances through to on-going language suppression today.

Street and place names, history, cultural spending, public service media and populist politicians all contribute to the crudest of cultural misappropriations on a grand scale. Very obviously Empire, as recently stated by WM's far right cabal, a 'vision' of Empire 2.0, is to be swallowed, again and again. Well sorry, but most of Scotland's history and most of Scotland's populations have spent over a millennium as a nation trying to defending itself against empires, not strutting around like peacocks pretending that's how to get along in a connected world.

Of course it doesn't help that some far right WM politicians frequently make abusive and racist comments towards Scotland and Scotland's people - a practice current also applied most obviously to our European allies and the group of under 5,000 Syrian refugees allowed in by WM.

A simple look at the names of streets and buildings around Glasgow presents a picture summed up by the approach some Spanish cities are taking to inappropriate titles: 

Street Names


The Labour party built up massive debts under PFI over years and embraced irresponsible contracting out and zero hours contracts in public services. The Conservatives have taken this to a whole new level by building up incredible levels of debt in recent years, which largely serve as hand-outs to vastly wealthy corporations and tax-evaders.

National Debt Clock

Westminster's Debt Record (Click to see both claims on the page).


One mistake or miscalculation among dozens of defence projects would be understandable. A few major errors in defence contracts over a decade might be just about credible. However, when the ships, the missiles, the aircraft carriers, the aircraft, the supply contracts, the nuclear missiles and the electronic defences simply don't work in or for many combat conditions, it becomes clear the spending can't be about delivering an effective defence. Instead we very obviously have a series of sell outs and multinational corporate interests cleaning up and delivering defences that sees Serbia equipped with more tanks and Russia openly mocking WM's defences.



Aircraft Carrier



More Trident


WM politicians allow widespread overspending on election expenses, endless spending on misleading Internet ads, pre-leafleting for elections, mysterious foreign funding of political parties and dodgy boundary changes. On top of that they fund and run Project Fear operations based on deliberate distribution of false information; threats of economic harm; and a culture of habitual lying fostered by political 'leaders'. Notably when Project Fear tactics were used between WM politicians in the Brexit fiasco, WM politicians rushed to the media wailing about the unfairness of Project Fear hate politics.

Election Expenses Scandal - Channel 4

Energy Security

Instead of competing with other nations to gain energy security and independence WM has poured subsidies into hugely inefficient, obviously polluting fossil fuel industries. Equally, while the wealth of the North Sea has given Norway massive wealth, WM has spent most of the money on infrastructure in and around London; given huge tax breaks to fossil fuel corporations; and regularly failed to use oil money to get rid of the widespread addiction to fossil fuels. Perhaps the worst part of this is the way the highest energy prices in Europe place our industries at a disadvantage, which grows every day. Ludicrously, the strategic solution offered over years is to shop around online for a saving on your electric bill after you get home from the two zero hours contract jobs.

Scotland's Renewable Energy Success

Scotland's Tidal Energy innovation


WM has indulged in a series of internal politic rivalries to the point where policies falling little short of outright fascism are endorsed by presenting the views of the far right and the not quite so far right as the full political and civic spectrum. Some politicians and state media have participated in normalising and promoting hatemongers presenting blatant lies on topics such as child refugees, European ties and disabled people. At that point WM are taking themselves in the direction of opting out of being considered a system of democratic government, if it ever was, and exposes itself as having little concern for the standards of decency and accountability so often held up for others to follow.

Farage on Question Time


WM does not even attempt to offer effective internal security. Massive cuts to policing and the armed forces are only the surface signs of yet another failure to offer adequate governance. If WM can't defend against cyber attacks it's immediately clear they have skipped on effective planning and haven't actually developed a strategy to cope. Claiming that abandoning all privacy to grab endless information, which you can't wade through or filter effectively - that's just more of the same, not a strategy to prevent and counter a vast range of significant threats.


Army Cuts

Squeezing the Rich

The British Isles have mass child poverty, mass homelessness and a 'benefits' system designed to cost more to run for profit than the costs of simply providing the support that is needed and deserved. At the same time massively overpriced, unsustainable privatisation of services makes immense profits for offshore companies, which don't have to pay taxes. Amidst this the latest wheeze to resurface from the extreme right is the complete lie that 'the rich are being squeezed'. Aw the poor dears. In a country where the gap between rich and poor is off the scale, and public buildings end up clad with highly flammable materials, it appears the constant WM boasts about being a top 5 economy make it plain there's plenty of money for some, but not for the vast majority of us.

Britain's Divided Decade: the rich are 64% richer - the poor 57% poorer.

Glasgow's Rich - Poor Divide

There are plenty more reasons why WM has failed Scotland over centuries and clearly independence is not about European trade, it's about Scotland taking responsibility for itself instead of allowing the country to be run by people who serve the interests of neither Britain nor Scotland.

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