The Exit Isolationist recipe so far with most of the original ingredients:

•    Tell everyone economic collapse is because of our allies in Europe.
•    Tell everyone economic collapse is due to a few refugees.
•    Attack expertise aka hard earned experience.
•    Bundle scientists in with think tanks, pollsters and columnists.
•    Put far right politicians on mainstream media at every opportunity.

•    Pester everyone over the threat presented by child refugees.
•    Create the impression of an overwhelming number of refugees.
•    Use Nazi-style propaganda campaigns to up the fear factor.
•    Use meaningless polls and samples to present fake ‘evidence’.
•    Claim to be taking back control without a plan to take control.

•    Insist it’s good to lie - other people lie, so you’re ‘fighting back’.
•    Boast about lying, taunting and bullying.
•    Label concerns over the loss of billions as negative thinking.
•    Sketch vague alternatives without ever explaining the outcomes.
•    Disregard shifting public opinion as the lies unravel.

Is it not maybe time to sit down with a nice cup of tea, shake our heads and come up with a plan that sets out to accommodate the wishes of most - without hurtling off an economic cliff along the way.