“Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point, which means at the point of highest reality.” - C.S. Lewis

Think of three quite different examples of when people have to show courage.


Think of an example of when someone you know has shown courage.

Think of an example of when you have shown courage yourself.

Think of an example of when you will have to show courage in the future. Write or post about courage shown by someone else.

Infamous Female Spies

Write or post about courage shown by yourself.

Six Attributes of Courage

Make a courage related meme or a medal/ trophy to reward an act of courage.

Keep Calm O Matic or art Motivational Poster


“Courage is grace under pressure.” - Ernest Hemingway

Look over a map of Scotland and identify key Highland locations, such as Fort William, Inverness, Mallaig, Stornoway, Skye, Aviemore and Ullapool.

Map of Scotland

Visit a MacIntosh site in or around Glasgow.

Glasgow School of Art Tours or House for an Art Lover

Check out maps of Scotland and identify key historic locations, including Stirling Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Glasgow Cathedral and Iona.

Maps of the History of Scotland

Identify 3 Scottish locations you would like to visit and visit them online or offline.

National Trust for Scotland Places to Visit

Visit Scotland's Treasures Scotland's Treasures

Test your awareness of Scotland with a quiz or make a quiz about Scotland.

Quiz and Scottish Quest

List your 7 Wonders of Scotland.

Wonders of the World

List 10 Scottish inventions or inventors.

What Has Scotland Ever Done

Ask most people about Scotland’s history and the same handful of names turn up time and again. Mary Queen of Scots, William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and Robert Burns often head the list. Here are a few more famous Scots.

Pete Cashmore

Alan Grant

Charles Rennie and Margaret MacDonald MacIntosh

Scott Naismith

Agnes Randolph

Of course Scotland has had its share of rogues and villains. Some of these characters are on the border between history and legend.

Aonghas Og and the Battle of Bloody Bay

Lady Isabella Seaforth

Sawney Bean - up close and personal

The Wolf of Badenoch

And, almost inevitably, a few colorful characters who defy description.

Patrick Gordon

John Paul Jones

Captain James MacRae

Alexander Selkirk

Share a Scottish book and/ or a book about or involving courage. Scottish Book Trust Lists

Song and Dance

“Don’t get discouraged; it is often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.” - Unknown

Wear a Scottish themed garment to an event or on an outing. (S)

Scottish Socks

Serve Scottish themed snacks at an event or on an outing.

Scottish Cuisine and I am Baker

Sing a Scottish song or dance a Scottish dance.

Scotland's Songs

Dress as a Scottish sporting hero to go to a party, event, sport or outing.

Wikipedia's Scottish Sporting Hall of Fame

Stage a Scottish themed event with song, dance, verse or art involved at some stage.

Scottish Poetry Library Posters

Share a Scottish movie with friends.

Movies Set in Edinburgh

Celebrate a Scottish event in song, dance, verse or art.


Have a go at making some Scottish or courage-themed chalk art. (S)

Blackboard Chalk Art and Chalk Art

Deliver a Scottish or courage themed gift to someone on their birthday. (S)

Flags of Scotland

Have Scottish jam or honey on your toast. Scottish Honey

Prepare and serve up a stack of Scottish related snacks.

Cook to a Scottish recipe.

Scottish Cuisine

Great Scottish Bake Off

Invent a Scottish recipe or variant on a Scottish recipe.

Celebrate Scotland

Provide snacks for a discussion of courage or heroism anywhere in the world.

Have a Viking barbecue or a feast in Valhalla.

Viking Recipes

Take part in a Highland feast with your choice of Scottish delicacies.

Eat Scotland

Prepare and serve a Scottish themed cake.

How to Decorate Cakes

Make Your Mark

“Courage is found in unlikely places.” - J. R. R. Tolkien

Leave a tag to be found in a public location. (S)

Paper Art

Wear a tag/ tagged production. (S)

Temporary Celtic Cross Tattoo and Scottish Nail Art

Place a tagged production in a series of online locations. (S)

St Andrew's Flag in multiple sizes

Play or make a traditional, card or tabletop game about courage.

Make Your Own Boardgame and Traditional Playground Games

Watch or try a sport that requires a lot of courage.

Scottish Sports

Talk about courage in a Facebook, or similar, online group.

Hunger Games or Scottish Victoria Crosses and UK George Crosses

Draw, trace or sketch an image of courage - whatever you think it looks like.


“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” - Rumi

Choose a time and a place for your own imaginary country, e.g. a country of the future on another planet, a modern city turned into a country or an ancient world powered by sail and water wheels, . . .

Quickly make, sketch or trace a map or short presentation about your nation, including any forests, glaciers, volcanoes and mountain ranges, major rivers running down from the mountains, large cities and ports.

Construct a short timeline or past for your country. For example, ancient and early Scotland has a mysterious ancient past, including the first ‘Geneva Convention’.

Ancient Calendar

Ness of Brodgar

Iron Age Gold

The Not So Mysterious Picts

Cáin Adomnáin

Invent and add a handful of landmarks to or around your map. For example, sites of natural beauty, historic sites or major industries.

Give your own imaginary country a name and choose a name for the capital city.

Make a flag and invent a motto for your country.

Make a postage stamp and a coin or a banknote for your country.

Invent a national sport.

Mix and vary parts of other sports, change the pitch/ surface and add in something of your own.

Describe or sketch the events or courageous acts of your nation’s finest heroine/ hero. An explorer, a doctor, a leader, a sports personality, an inventor or an artist are among the many options.

Use pictures and/ or words to describe a bright future for your country. This might look at exciting changes, strange inventions and/ or unusual courage.


It takes as much courage to have tried and failed as it does to have tried and succeeded.” - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Play a scavenger/ treasure hunt with a national theme.

How to Make a Treasure Hunt for Kids

Making Modern Scavenger Hunts

Outdoors Scavenger Hunts

Make a national online photo hunt using 7+ images with basic clues in the images.

Wikimedia Images of Scotland or any country on the same site.

Arrange and/ or play in a glow in the dark courage related treasure/ scavenger hunt. Glow in the dark items or coins and such like painted to glow in the dark work well.

Grab a selection of magazines, decide on items to look for and cut out the pictures as you find them. Make a quick collage out of the parts, e.g. shape a person from cut out clothing and body parts. Have the courage to make them look ridiculous.

Play a quick online Scottish treasure hunt. Search for an image of a heraldic thistle, Edinburgh Castle, a lion rampant, Glencoe, Tobermory, Fingal’s Cave, Inverewe Gardens, Torridon and Lochinver.

Or pick a theme like national wildlife. For Scotland that could include: Golden Eagle, Osprey, Otter, Salmon, Scottish Wildcat, Stag and Wolf.

Make and share a Scottish photo shoot of 10-20 images carried out on foot or online.

Make and share a Scottish photo shoot of 10-20 images carried out on wheels.

Make and share a list of 5 tips for playing Courage.

Complete an alphabet hunt looking for items starting with the letters that make up courage, Scotland or your nation of choice. E.g. coin, orange, umbrella . . .

Make and share a Tagxedo or Wordle on a positive national or courage based theme. Wordle or Tagxedo


“Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had.” - Alice Sebold

Design decorations and/ or lucky bags for a courage or nation themed game party or event.

Display your own courage related sketch, doodle or design in the kitchen at home. Make an altered book with courage as a theme.

Altered Books

Draft a comic strip about something to do with courage and publish it online.

Online Comic Strip Sites

Display artwork on the theme of courage in a public location or put together an online or hands on portfolio of your artwork.

Try out 3D printing a Scottish and/ or courage themed figure or model.


Give someone a Scottish or courage themed postcard or birthday card.


Real courage is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.” - Harper Lee

Attract crowdfunding or crowdsourcing to make a Scottish/ courage themed product. Please remember that all that glitters is not gold in crowdsourcing.

UK Crowdfunding Platforms

Build or support a website /online community that promotes Scotland/ courage in a positive light.

Google Sites Wix

Design and carry out a local marketing campaign to promote Scotland and/ or courage in a positive light. For example, using signs, brochures, sticker sheets and/ or leaflets.

MS Office Templates OpenOffice Templates

Design a Scottish or courage themed game, e-book, poster or brochure.

Self-Publishing E-Books Gamecrafter

Give everyone a card/ postcard/ electronic page and ask them to decorate it with a word or phrase about Scotland or courage written in fancy, possibly Coloured typography. Put the results on public display as murals.

Typography Tutorials

Make a magazine or an e-bulletin about Scotland or courage.

Making E-Magazines

Give everyone a postcard/ electronic page and ask them to decorate it with a colorful Scottish/ Gaelic/ national image, sketch or design. Put the results on display.

Basics of Visual Notetaking

Keep a photo record of your Courage activities and put the results on display as a hard copy or electronic timeline.

Give everyone a piece of paper or card/ electronic page that’s one of the seven colors of the rainbow. Ask them to decorate the card with images or typography on a Scottish or courage theme. Then display the results as a rainbow.

Give everyone a piece of paper or card/ electronic page that’s one of the leaves of a tree or part of a thistle. Ask them to decorate the card with images or typography with a Scottish or courage theme. Then display the results as a tree/ thistle.

David Cracov Creations and Tree of Colors

Give everyone a piece of paper or card/ electronic page for one of the 12 Knights of the Round Table. Ask them to decorate the card with images or typography with a medieval flavor. Then display the results as a round table.

Medieval Imago

Pull together the results of more than one of the challenges within this mission and display them as a real or digital collage.

Record or photograph the live collaborative design of a Courage production/ tag or something of a similar nature with a Scottish theme. Use social media to share the results.


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