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The sudden turnout of hundreds of thousands combining to #DefendOurDemocracy and #stopthecoup has both surprised many and raised hopes. However, the actions and spending of the far right is still a daunting prospect and while people will go out and be dedicated, jobs, family, life . . . it's hard to sustain large outdoor protests.

First off it seems critical to rapidly turn those outdoor rallies/ events/ protest into protections where they are used to:

- Discuss and act on voter registration.

- Check out Beautiful Rising.

- Promote alliance and issues at this key point in time.

- Arrange sustainable actions/ vigils for evenings when full demonstrations are rained off.

- Find warm covered places.

- Go pamphleteering and/ or to the pub afterwards.

- Discuss solutions and actions that target the causes of extremism.

- Get some sounds from somewhere.

- Share social media contacts (guys might wait to be invited by women there and inviting to a page or group may be more advisable than instafriending).

I know :o we thought we were there just to stand around.

Connect and actions will start to happen, but how can we turn that into jumping the fence, breaking out of the box, . . . perhaps by dovetailing around a massive public awareness campaign. One that focuses on:

Posters, stickers, chalk, cars, lapels, phone cases, memes . . . carrying the same core messages focused on what we agree on, presenting options for taking actions that get at solutions, building co-operation and alliance, taking out the big lies as #LedByDonkeys have, calling out habitat destruction . . . all the stuff pro-Europe, XR, representative politicians and about anyone keen on getting out of this mess agree on.

How can we make that have more impact both through the strength of the messages and through writing them much larger and more boldly than so far . . . with the exception of XR.

In other words, imo we need to get away from the online trolls, get beyond the mainstream media and turn up the dial on being the media, not from 4 to 6, but right up to 11.

#actnow #resist #stay #TheResistance

Immediate Actions

#stopthecoup Actions:

Another Europe

Transcript: #StopTheCoup Protest Every Day. Monday - Parliament Sq 5.30pm; Tuesday - Parliament Sq, 5.30pm; Wednesday - Home Office, Marsham St, 6pm then rally in Parliament Sq; Thursday - Parliament Sq 5.30pm; Friday - Parliament Sq, 5.30pm; Saturday - Downing St, 2.30 pm. More protests across the country:

Join SODEM Actions:

Sign the Petition:

Sit In:
Oct 12th

Oct 19th People's Vote in London:

Adding Events

#stopthecoup form

Fake News and Facts


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Facebook Memes

Sourced via The 48

Reasons to Stay


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Facebook Memes

Actions for Activists


Amnesty International - Take Action
Quick online actions concerning human rights.

Beautiful Rising
Coverage of options for direct actions and the practicalities involved.

Daily Kos (US site)
Quick online actions are offered on entry.

Extinction Rebellion: Resources
Coverage of options for direct actions and the practicalities involved.

Global Action - Take Action
Quick online actions are offered on entry.

Personal Action on Habitat and Climate Destruction
Take action personally and then spread the word to others.

Core skills for peaceful activists.

Rise for Climate Action
Helpful list of actions for groups.

Saving the Earth One Tip at a Time
Tip by tip discussion on ways to act locally.

Stay - Take Action (Europe)
An action-driven approach to building collaboration.

Instant and easy actions for any activist to carry out.

Grassroots Alliance

What is suggested here is a series of options for pulling in the same direction with the intention of amplifying all voices through forming something of a shared voice on areas including: electoral reform, climate and habitat protections and a much more responsible media:

Some groups have basic protocols for campaigning that set out to limit conflict and applying these can offer a common frame of reference for co-operating. XR’s principles provide a good example for positive campaigning.

Make messages focused on shared concerns: healthcare, electoral reform, alternative energy . . . and consistently slot in proposed solutions. E.g. wind and tidal energy are real money/ energy trees.

Act and act now, by meeting with and talking with other groups it becomes easier to raise a bit of a crowd for an action and the more action overall the better. Stickers, chalking, clothing, stalls, walls, windows, . . . carrying shared messages tell people ‘we haven’t gone away’. A 70-year-old grandmother has recently been snapped chalking 48 related messages round her neighbourhood – be her.

When overlapping into political activism be the voice that suggests focusing opposition towards those presenting the greatest concern, while urging at least good relations with allies.

About the saddest comment I’ve ever read from a political activist was, ‘I can’t risk reciprocating because they might not reciprocate’. Go on take a chance over one issue/ one election/ one action, see what happens at least a bit further down the road.

Visit each other’s groups to see what approaches to peaceful but determined action are being taken. Select the parts that work for you and don’t worry about the rest unless asked to comment.


Skills for peaceful resistance.



An action-driven collaborative production approach to civic campaigning.


A4 Posters