Accessing Technology


We tend to consider technology in terms of equipment and software rather than people and impacts. Perhaps we could look at how to bring people into technology more than people fitting round or skipping on technology:

- Accessible Forms

There are forms, so many forms. Some forms, such as many a consultation, mainly present a blank page to type into and don’t exactly invite you through them in a way that offers options and kicks up ideas. Quiz formats may offer some options, as these are a popular type of form, which people fill out for fun.

- Digital Marketplace

Commonspace’s Common Market is a very good idea - could there be one from somewhere like Scottish Enterprise offering a ‘trusted market’ as a platform for Scottish small business and enterprise?

- Digital Portfolios

Want me to back a project, a party, a policy . . . let’s see the feed then. Is it telling me this is something or someone I want to back?

- Guides

In a quiet bus or train station everyone can see and rely on the signposts and noticeboards. However, if there’s a rush or a crisis on people are put on the ground to act as guides and to help to shape a positive experience. Given the Internet is one headlong sprint through a chock full underground station on Christmas Eve . . . perhaps a few guides might not be such a bad idea for those less confident or practiced as they try to find their way round the Scottish Internet.