500 Pages

Putting the fun, the enthusiasm and the civic nationalism back into Yes calls for a whole bunch of ingredients. Among those last time round my part was mainly to make lots of 'civic', generally positive content for distribution through groups, blogs and e-booklets.

Things have moved along in three years and, for me at least, continuing towards Scottish independence means learning lessons from 2014 and trying to spark enthusiasm and participation in the face of a fairly relentless, rolling Project Fear.

Clearly we need media to call out the lies and liberties taken, but this draws us into heated political argument, when much of the appeal or fun in 2014 seems to have been about less confrontation, more participation and persuasion.

In my opinion there are a few obvious things I can do to chip-in on the enthusiasm and civic nationalism side. None of them could ever magically recreate 2014 again, but they might help to provide a platform in support of recovering a bit of the fun, enthusiasm and civic nationalism:

  1. Supporting civic, community driven campaigning within Scotland.
  2. Encouraging for novel approaches to tackling extremism and radicalisation.
  3. Protecting authentic Scottish history and culture.

These areas connect with independence and Yes, but in ways that step off on the front foot in terms of presenting a positive agenda and constructive approaches to seeking independence.

For a content developer supporting campaigning; looking at extremism; and protecting our culture are about delivering the right content to the right people. In particular taking an approach to information that is based on making it accessible and acceptable to as many as possible. Essentially, coming across as more thought provoking than argumentative.

Ideally, any Yes supporter should be able to point anyone to a page or download and feel fairly confident the reader is likely to want to know more. Or off to have a rethink.

500 Pages?

It seems easier on the feet than the full 500 miles :)

Five hundred pages of short articles, posters and pics is a lot less than went into the last IndyRef and we need to get a much improved result this time. Plus it's going to take a while for the EU shambles to pan out and allow a concrete political platform for gaining independence.

  1. To get started I'm going to prep and post an article each day for the next 50 days.
  2. Over 100 pages of info and my 'lessons learned' about civic action are underway.
  3. About 70 pages of a concise history of Scotland are getting illustrated.

That's more or less half of 500 pages mapped out and on the go with no great debates or complications involved. Overall it's mainly about upgrading existing approaches.

Making it happen - I've used my personal site for bits of Indy or Yes content on many an occasion. It's not ideal but adequate. From my side I'd prefer to make as much as possible freely available and the articles will be. The rest . . . I'm looking at e-book formats, site subscriptions or, to reduce or avoid any need for those, donations.

If anyone is up for accelerating work on the persuasive or civic side of Yes then, yeah, I can make content faster, and with more in the way of media and tech, given some backup/ more materials. (Ideally it would also be kind of good to set up as a standalone site).


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